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The ups and downs of this industry isn’t new to King Cezar. From fallouts to misdirection, Cezar has rose above it all to claim his rightful place at the throne. He is here to let the world know that Chicago and Detroit, isn’t the only cities in the Midwest that can get it popping. Hailing from the city of Brew, this young king has something cooked up and ready to serve. I chatted with King Cezar, recently, about this industry, goals, and why, as the target audience, should care about the rhymes he is spitting.

You’ve been shaken up the Milwaukee Hip-hop scene for a while, tell us what’s the difference from when you started till now.

I understand this game better. For what it truly is.  When I started I had dreams and aspirations, no goals no plans I just wanted to make good music.  I never thought I’d be in the position I am in now. So, to say what’s different I guess my focus after really realizing that I could make something out this good music I’ve made I’ve really drawn in all my focus towards putting together something magic.

You just released your new track, ‘Hell’, what is the story behind it?

Hell is the depiction of someone at their breaking point.  I try to use my music philosophically periodically asking questions to influence conversation to ultimately make the world a better place around us.

As an artist that has seen his ups and downs, what have learned from your experience?

PUSH…. Only Young Kings Survive.

Also as an artist, why should the public listen to you? What makes you stand out from the rest?

The public should listen to me because I’m trying to open doors for people who can’t. I talk about things in my music the industry tends to back-burner like mental illness, Poverty, etc. because I feel like I can better relate and inspire to my listeners by being a real person and not another cookie cutter rapper.

If we could step back, what was your concept for the track and video for ‘Cold’?

I wanted to show my dreams that song is about depression and the numbness that I feel dealing with my personal life and things that I’ve been through…The visual was supposed to be more vivid but what was shown was how I dream. I wanted to use my city and go to a different place where it was easy to understand the emotion scheduling conflicts pushed it forward but S/O Yoshii Genesis for working with my difficult ass haha.

If you could give any up and coming artist advice, what would it be?

Know Yourself

Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?

In 5 years, I hope to be on the Billboard for a song written by me.  I hope to have a n exclusive label/studio home and to expand my audio production company to a national level.

There’s sort of a civil war between old and new rappers, how do you feel about this?

I Make Music I Don’t Play Politics If They Were Relevant They Probably Wouldn’t Be Fighting….Just Saying

Besides music, is there any other ventures we should be on the lookout for?

I’m trying to get into acting right now. I really want to do something with Comedy, I just started a new brand…not too many details yet but I can’t wait to launch.

If you could leave one quote that would define you and your work, what would it be?

“All of This Was for You”

–Pooh Bailey

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