Like most deejays, DJ Trill Will got his start on the college scene. While attending school in New Orleans, Trill Will began deejaying for the Bourbon St. party crowd. Since then, he has branched out and made a name for himself in the South and the Midwest. From mixtapes to XM radio shows, Trill’s work has garner him a loyal fanbase and countless accolades. Recently, I spoke with DJ Trill Will to discuss collaborations and future projects.

What made you decide to become a DJ?                              

Just a genuine love for the music. Music was always a passion of mine and was constantly played in my house as a kid. I don’t remember when we didn’t have music playing.

Tell us a little about the concept of a Sleeping on the Ceiling.                       

Sleeping on The Ceiling was a concept that Deda 3Stripes came up with, he wanted to wake up all the sleepers by flipping the norm.

You’re a Southern DJ. However, you worked with plenty Midwest rappers. Can you tell us about the difference in sound and technique of the two regions?

A lot of the sounds are really the same, but both are vital in the hip hop community. I love working with Midwest rappers because Midwest rappers are a blend of every genre of hip-hop.

Do you have any upcoming releases, we should be looking forward to?

Everything, just gearing up for my monthly releases. I try to drop at least one mixtape a month.

Tell us a little about Check Chasers. How did it come about? Where do you see it going?

Check Chasers came about from a goal and a dream. CCM was made in 2012 after I had started djing and producing really heavy and wanted to start my own label. I see CCM growing and becoming a Nationwide Brand. Possibly signing a few indie artists.

Where do you see yourself, career-wise, in 5 years?

I see myself Djing for a big FM or XM Radio company. Or even an A&R.

As a DJ, what makes you stand out from the rest? Why should the public care?

I stand out from the rest because I’m not scared to break a record. The Public loves to hear new music and I believe I bring that to the table. I give indie artists, major opportunities.

Being in this industry can be tough, what’s one lesson you’ve learned so far?

Never stop working, sacrifice for your dreams, utilize every moment and stay humble.

Any advice for any upcoming DJ who is trying to get their foot in the door?

Practice! Never sell your craft short.

What’s your dream collaboration?

 Bigga Rankin

–Pooh Bailey

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